Video Production

Visual storytelling is our strong suit, what we’re known for, and what we practice the most. Audiotree Media isn’t an ordinary video company, and neither are the productions we capture. Our background is music video production and intimate interview capture and it’s made our transition into narrative film-making appear more unique than other production houses.

4K? Not a problem. Slow motion? Easy. Five cameras shooting at once? We do it multiple times a week. Extensive lighting packages? We got you covered.

Let us help turn your ideas into realized films.

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Post Production

Organization & efficiency makes a good post team. We happen to be proficient at  both, with an added dose of creativity and experience working with music video post-production. 

Working exclusively on Adobe, from After Effects to Premiere, with extensive experience in multi-cam projects. We can provide everything you need to pump out highly engaging edits, and be passed project files that are more organized that Marie Kondo’s closet.

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Cinemagraphs & Branded Content

Social content should be quick and to the point. Studies have shown that moving imagery has higher clickthru rate than static images.

Audiotree Media has been producing engaging and stunning content for years on the tailwinds of music video production. We know how to create the ultimate marketing tool for your company.

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We’ve been using photography to give our audience a behind-the-scenes look at Audiotree Live. We’ve evolved it into food photography for restaurants, portrait photography for brands, and documentary photography for artists.

For us, photography is about instant gratification. We create images that are dynamic and to-the-point, offering viewers something they maybe have never seen before. Or in many cases: haven’t seen it the way we see it.

From low-light events, to high-energy concerts, to studio portraits, we have the capability and skill to do it all.

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Audio Production

Audiotree started as a music recording company, and for good reason. Our engineers are in the top of their field, creating recordings that are far and above the average studio experience.

That knowledge and experience has translated to high-quality sound capture outside the studio. We have the capability to capture great audio virtually anywhere, and mix & master it on our SSL located in Chicago.

Great audio is the backbone to a great piece of content, whether it’s 15 seconds or 15 minutes.

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Live Streaming

We’ve been practicing live streaming since 2012, beginning with 4-camera set ups in our live studio, running mixed & mastered audio directly out to an eager online audience.

Flash forward to 2019, our capabilities are mobile, and our live streaming rigs are powerful. From huge concert arenas to intimate conferences, anywhere we can get an internet connection will allow us to stream your event in high-quality 1080p HD.

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Music Licensing

Over 1,200 live sessions have been recorded in our Chicago studio, in almost every genre, and in the highest-quality available. Over time, that has equated to 5,000+ tracks of music, both instrumental and with their original vocals, that we hold the rights to distribute to.

The artists we record in our studio are the best up and coming talent that we can find, all who tour the United States from countries around the world.

If your post-production team needs a break from the same old same old AudioJungle libraries, consider requesting a library sample from Audiotree Live.

Our releases are available to preview on Apple Music, Spotify, and include curated playlists organized by genre and mood.

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